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At CVGarden, we recognise that the employment marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive, and through our diverse CV writing experience and industry knowledge, we can help you get the edge over your competition. Unlike other CV writing services, we not only use industry-specific, professional CV templates, but also offer modern, eye-catching alternatives specifically designed to grab the attention of recruiters, and to set your documents apart from the competition.

Often charismatic and qualified professionals can still take many months to find a job, simply because their CV is letting them down. Either by not presenting their skills and experience in the best possible way, or by not attracting the necessary attention and interest of the reader. That is why we believe that our professionally written CV’s are a sound investment towards ensuring that you separate yourself from the competition, make it through to that all important interview, and land that next dream job.

Our dedicated team of Professional Writers come from a diverse array of backgrounds and industries, however what we believe matters most, is that their writing skills are second to none. Our Writers are committed to working with you, to clearly and comprehensively understand you and your career goals, in order to produce compelling documents that showcase your skills and experience in the best possible way. At CVGarden, we fully understand the importance and value in making sure you get noticed.

Rest assured that we will not simply ‘update’ your CV, but we will completely rewrite it from scratch. We will also use cutting edge techniques such as keyword optimisation (to ensure that your CV breezes through any keyword scanning software or ATS Systems), as well as our industry specific knowledge to increase your chances of getting to the interview stage.

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