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Perhaps we can interest you in our range of additional CV writing services which are designed to complement your CV and assist you with your job application process.

Have you already had your CV professionally prepared? Or perhaps you have taken advantage of our free CV review service and confirmed that your CV already has what it takes? If so, then these add-on items may be better suited to your requirements.

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We are confident that we have whatever you might be looking for below. If not then please do contact us and we will be on hand to discuss your particular needs.  Above all, we are here to help you!

Cover Letter
Professionally Drafted Cover Letters
Many applications request that you submit an accompanying Cover Letter to highlight and outline your relevant skills and experience. A well-constructed Cover Letter will convey your skills, experience and primary objectives in a professional, yet engaging manner, without using emotional or clichéd terms and phrases that often prevent applicants from being noticed, or even worse, put the reader off. So, whether you have a particular role in mind, or are seeking to simply inquire about vacant positions at a specific company, let us draft that perfect letter for your requirements.

LinkedIn Makeover
Skillfully crafted to get YOU noticed!
By creating and enhancing your online presence, you are better positioning yourself to be headhunted, or otherwise identified for various employment opportunities that may not be present on any other job boards or even known in the open marketplace. With a positively crafted LinkedIn profile, not only can you seek out opportunities proactively, but you can also be identified by recruiters who set out to find potential candidates who may be open to offers for roles they have available, many of which can be confidential. At GVGarden, we understand how to maximise the value of your LinkedIn Profile, and we know exactly what recruiters are looking for. Rest assured that our LinkedIn makeover service will provide you with an online presence designed to sell your experience in a way that will invite recruiter engagement, and attract the right kind of attention.
CV Update
Expertly implemented CV updates
If you have already had your CV professionally crafted by us, and have since secured a new position that you would like to add, then we can certainly take care of that for you. Our team of experts will incorporate any updates to ensure that any new content is added in a consistent manner, to seamlessly integrate with the remainder of your professionally written CV.

Social Media Scan
Intended to identify and rectify potentially damaging content.
Are you aware that many employers are looking through candidates’ social media profiles before inviting them for that all important interview? With years of experience in knowing what employers look for (and what can immediately lead to a candidate being rejected), we will go through your social media profiles through the eyes of a potential employer to locate, identify and highlight to you, any potentially damaging content, posts or photos that could be sabotaging your employment efforts.



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