Why you should be using LinkedIn for your job search (if you aren’t already)

linkedin for your job search


Should you be using LinkedIn for your job search? Absolutely.

You might have heard the term LinkedIn flying around the office. You may have even started your job search and come across the term which has now left you wondering… what the hell is LinkedIn?

Since many people have spent years in one career, they are not aware of LinkedIn or how they can benefit from using it.

So what exactly is LinkedIn?

Put simply, LinkedIn is a social network for business use. Kind of like Facebook but for professionals. It is a useful tool for job seekers since it can be used to search for new job opportunities. With a well-crafted profile, you can attract recruiter interest. Not only is LinkedIn good for your job search, but it is also a great tool for networking and business development.

Now consider a large corporate event or expo where you would go and network with other individuals to promote yourself or your business. Well, it is like that but online. Like Facebook, where you send a friend request, you can request to ‘connect’ with individuals that are from your industry or with whom you share the same interests.

In terms of the information displayed on LinkedIn, how much or how little is entirely up to you. An all-star LinkedIn profile will map out your major achievements and professional experience, either to attract recruiter interest or to invite like-minded individuals to engage with you.


I am just starting my job search, should I sign up?

Absolutely. LinkedIn is your friend, use it wisely. According to recent statistics posted by Talent Works International, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn for sourcing and only 55% use Facebook. With so many users, LinkedIn enjoys a well-earned reputation as the most useful social networking tool for businesses and professionals. Not only is LinkedIn a useful tool for connecting with potential employers, recruiters and useful business connections, but it also has extensive job listings which allow you to apply with your profile.

By creating and enhancing your online presence, you are better positioning yourself to be headhunted, or otherwise identified for various employment opportunities that may not be present on any other job boards or even known in the open marketplace.

If you are not sure how to maximise the value of your LinkedIn Profile, you may consider using a CV writing service since most CV Writers come from a recruitment background and know exactly what recruiters are looking for.

Now that I have signed up, what should I include in my profile?

 A well-constructed LinkedIn profile should include a compelling, yet customised, headline. Do not simply list your job title and company name here, go one step further here and make it stand out. Imagine you are a recruiter for a moment, which of the following is more likely to grab your interest?

‘CV Writer at CVGarden’ or ‘Accomplished CV Writer with a knack for producing captivating templates and engaging content’

Exactly. If you want to network and invite people to connect with you, your profile must be engaging.

A good LinkedIn profile should also include a summary that outlines your key skills, recent experience and major accomplishments. ‘Why can’t I just copy my CV?’ I hear you say. Well again, your LinkedIn profile must be engaging. Unlike your CV, this should be written in the first person and kind of like a story. It must be used to complement your CV, and not as a replica.

Following the summary, you can add details of your jobs, key skills and education in the specified sections. It is also good practice to ask for endorsements, where friends and former colleagues basically confirm your skill list. Also, be sure to ask for recommendations. These act like online references and this is a perfect opportunity to share any positive reviews. They will also act as ‘social proof’ of your talents which is great if you want to get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters.

what is linkedin?

Let’s Get Started!

So, if you are still wondering if you should use LinkedIn for your job search, then the answer is simple. Yes, yes, and yes! With 590 million users, it is no wonder that LinkedIn is the most useful social networking tool for businesses and professionals.

Sign up now to start using LinkedIn for your job search or visit our website where our team of professional writers will be able to help you to create an all-star profile.

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